I have substantive experience developing and teaching a wide variety of modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including Applied Economics, Environmental Economics, Environmental Valuation, Resource Economics and Research Methods. Here at Leeds I currently teach a second year Research Methods module and contribute to a first year Economic Controversies module. In addition to teaching I also supervise a significant number of PhD candidates working on a diverse range of topics worldwide (see below for more details). 

Some lectures/presentations on various topics

Feel free to use but please get in touch if you have any material that will fit with overall style and content - particularly interested in graphs/pictures that can be used to explain key points

Research Methods

The shit happens theorem

Correlation, causation and confusion

An introduction to multivariate regression analysis

Logistic regression

Field experiments

Natural experiments

Instrumental variable analysis

Laboratory experiments

Qualitative research methods

Survey design and data collection

Errors in statistical reasoning and judgement biases

Statistical overreach 

Environmental Economics

Public goods and common property resources

Economic instruments for pollution control

Non-renewable resource allocation over time

Land economics

Valuing a statistical life

Efficiency, equity and sustainable development

Introduction to non-market valuation

Contingent valuation method

Choice experiments 

Hedonic pricing

Economic of Happiness/Behavioral economics

An introduction to the economics of happiness

Indicators of well-being

Subjective well-being and the environment

An introduction to behavioral economics

Laboratory experiments

PhD Students


  • Fari Aftab (co-supervisor with David Spencer and Juliane Scheffel). The economic and social integration of migrants in the UK 

  • Rushi Chen (co-supervisor with Effie Kesidou). Renewable energy and GDP growth in China

  • Dave Roberts (co-supervisor with Christopher Forde and Rachel Mathieson): Well-being and workplace culture.

  • Karine Rassool (co-supervisor with Bryce Beukers-Stewart): Social, economic and cultural value of the fisheries sector in the Seychelles.

  • Juan C. Trujillo: Extreme weather events, health and well-being. Funded by the Economic Development, Institutions, and Public Policies for the Progress of the Colombian Caribbean.

  • Sarah Knight (co-supervisor with Colin McClean): Environmental amenities and well-being. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council



  • Eric Marr: Food Production or Biodiversity Protection? Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Doctoral Fellowship. Completed September 2018.

  • Xiaowen Wang (co-supervised with Murray Rudd) Pharmaceuticals and Personal care Products in the Environment in China. Completed September 2016.

  • Jennifer Chapman (co-supervisor with Alistair Boxall): Assessment of socio-economic and ecological impacts of veterinary drugs in the environment. Funded by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Completed June 2019.