Here you can find a list of 10 selected recent (within last 5 years) journal papers as well as my most recent working papers – see CV for complete list 

  • Howley, P. and Ocean, N. (2020) Doing more with less: Leveraging social norms and status concerns in encouraging conservation farm practices.  Land Economics In press (3* ABS). Available at:

  • Howley, P., Waqas, M., Moro, M., Delaney, L. and Heron, T. (2020) It's not all about the economy stupid! Immigration and self-reported well-being in England. Work, Employment and Society, 1-18 (4* ABS, A  ABDC).

  • Ocean, N., Howley, P. and Ensor, J. (2019) Lettuce Be Happy: A longitudinal UK Study on the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and well-being. Social Science and Medicine, 335-345 (4* ABS).



  • Marr, E. and Howley, P. (2019) The accidental environmentalists: factors affecting farmer’s adoption of pro-environmental activities in England and Ontario. Journal of Rural Studies, 68, 1000-111 (3* ABS).



  • Howley, P., Dillon, E., Heanue, K. and Meredith, D. (2017) Worth the risk? The behavioural path to well-being. Journal of Agricultural Economics 68, 534-552 (3* ABS, A  ABDC).


  • Howley, P., O Neill, S. and Atkinson, R. (2015) Who needs good neighbours? Environment and Planning A, 47, 939-956 (4* ABS, A* ABDC).


  • Howley, P., Buckley, C., Donoghue, C. and Ryan, M. (2015) Explaining the economic ‘irrationality’ of farmers’ land use behaviour: the role of productivist attitudes and non-pecuniary benefits. Ecological Economics, 109, 186-193 (3* ABS, A  ABDC).

Invited re-submissions

  • Howley, P. and Ocean, N. (2020) Can nudging only get you so far? Testing for crowd out effects, Invited revisions, European Review of Agricultural Economics (3* ABS, ABDC A rated). 

Selected recent working papers under review