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About me

I am a Professor of Economics and Behavioral Science at the University of Leeds. My areas of expertise are wide-ranging (and continually evolving) and include the economics of happiness, nudge theory, identity economicsenvironmental and natural resource economics and farmer behaviour. While an economist by training I typically combine the tools and techniques commonly employed by economists with insights from  psychology, sociology and political science. See full CV.

Links to recent blogs which give a good overview of various strands of my research

How immigration can make some UK-born residents feel worse off even if they aren’t: - new research. The Conversation

Why the English and British don’t see eye to eye when it comes to immigration. LSE British Politics and Policy Blog.

Payments for public goods: Rethinking what it is to be a good farmer. N8 Policy Hub

Why unemployment can feel worse when there is less of it around: The Conversation

Eating more fruits and vegetables linked to better mental well-being – new research: The Conversation

COVID vaccines don’t just benefit physical health – they improve mental health too. The Conversation

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